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Mianwali is a historic district in Punjab province, located at 32.5839 degrees north latitude and 72.5370 degrees east latitude. It shares boundaries with the districts of Lakki Marwat in the west, Dera Ismail Khan in the southwest, Karak, and Kohat in the northwest, and Dera Ismail Khan in the south. In the north-east, Attock is located, in the east, Chakwal and Khushab are located, and in the south, Bhakkar is there. The province of KPK is located in the west-north. The Indus River flows from north to south through the district’s western outskirts. The Thal Canal, which irrigates huge areas, emerges from the Jinnah Barrage on the Indus River at Kalabagh. The Chashma Link Canal connects the Indus River with the Jhelum River via the Chashma Barrage. Mianwali district covers 5,840 square kilometers and is divided into three tehsils: Mianwali, Isakhel, and Piplan.

Historical Background:

During the Indus Valley civilization, the Mianwali District was an agricultural region with dense forests. The Vedic period is marked by the expansion of Indo-Aryan culture following the conquest of Central Asia. Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi inherited the Ghaznavid dynasty empire from his father, Sultan Sebuktegin, in 997 CE. In 1005, he overcame the Shahis in Kabul, followed by the invasion of the Punjab region. This region was ruled by the Delhi Sultanate and later the Mughal Empire. Due to missionary Sufi saints, this region became largely Muslim. This region afterward became a part of the Sikh empire.

Industry in Mianwali:

In this district, there are around 260 major, medium, and small-scale industrial facilities. Fertilizer, cement manufacturing, drugs and pharmaceuticals (antibiotics), chemical manufacturing facilities, flour mills, oil mills, cotton ginning, pressing, and power generation are all key industrial units in the district. The important industrial units in Mianwali are listed below.

Connectivity Through Roads and Railway:

The District is served by the following highways and Arterial Roads:- Lahore-Sargodha-Mianwali-Bannu Road. Mianwali-Muzaffargarh –Multan Road-R.U.Cross Khan War-Mankera Hyderabad-Cross, Mianwali-Talagang-Rawalpindi-Peshawar Road, Bhakkar-Jhang-Faisalabad-Lahore, Mianwali-DI Khan Road.

The district is served by the following railway lines. Rawalpindi- Golra Sharif- Taxila Cantt- Hassan Abdal- Attock City- Basal-Mianwali- Kundian Jn-Bhakkar-Liyah-Muzfargarh-Multan Route and Mari Indus – Mianwali- Kundian- Khushab- Sargodha- Chiniot- Sangla Hil- Qila Sheikhupura- Shahdara Bagh- Lahore Jn.


Tourism is receiving a lot of attention these days because it is a source of cash. Mianwali district is also a popular tourist destination. If we use this location properly, we can produce a significant amount of revenue. In terms of travel and tourism, it is a really lovely region where visitors may enjoy picnics and trekking. Boating and fishing are also popular these days in Namal Lake, Chashma Lake, and Kalabagh, among other places. The following are some of Mianwali’s most popular picnic spots:

Kalabagh: Traditional Nawab of KalaBagh residential bungalows on the seashore with a view of Bohr Bangalow and serenity that replenishes body and soul.


People flock to Chashma Lake, which lies close to the Indus River’s Chashma Barrage, for a healthier picnic experience. The beauty of these locations is recognized and respected across the world. Green lagoon restaurant (Chashma Lake) offers a relaxing and serene stay with delicious food.

Namal Lake:

Namal Lake is one of Mianwali’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s close to Mianwali’s Namal College. Boating and fishing are popular activities in this area. Significant steps have been done in recent years to boost tourism in the area, including the creation of a National Park in the Salt Range.


Mianwali is regarded as a top educational destination. Many notable (private and public) institutes in Mianwali contribute to the nation’s development. There are several first-grade English-medium private schools and colleges in the area, including The City School Mianwali campus, Police Public School Mianwali, and Al Suffa College, among others. In the district, there are eighteen government colleges (two main postgraduate colleges and sixteen affiliate colleges). Six more government colleges are now being built. Also serving here are Pakistan Air Force College (Abdul Razzaq Fazaia College) and Cadet College Esa Khel. Namal University and the University of Mianwali and the sub-campus of the University of Sargodha make Mianwali a great hub of higher education.

Home in Mianwali:

If we consider all of the details mentioned above, Mianwali is the perfect city to live and to spend a life full of opportunities. The major issue faced by the people of Mianwali was the availability of “Quality Living”. A gated community with basic amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure. This facility of a model walled community wasn’t available in Mianwali. People of Mianwali always feel the necessity of housing projects like Bahria Town and DHA.

Azam Qamar Developers was founded with the aim of improving people’s lives in Mianwali and the surrounding area. The goal of forming this group is to solve issues of poor quality of life in the Mianwali District, specifically housing, jobs, security, health care, and education. Furthermore, Azam Qamar Developers is dedicated to establishing new real estate industry standards. We are thrilled to be launching a new destination in Mianwali with our pioneer project ‘AGHAAZ,’ which literally means ‘to begin.’ AGHAAZ is the start of an iconic universe in Mianwali, encompassing all fundamental obligations such as mosques, schools, hospitals, and parks, as well as lifestyle indulgences such as retail malls, restaurants, and hotels, gymnasiums, and sports complexes & community centers. It’s a place where people can live, dine, buy, and relax without having to travel vast distances. It’s not only a housing project; it’s also a hub for commercial and residential activities, with the potential to generate thousands of jobs for the surrounding community. Azam Qamar Developers takes pride in remaining true to its roots and its people and promises to offer many more excellent projects to Mianwali and the rest of Pakistan in the coming years.

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