Our Story

Azam Qamar Developers was founded with the vision of transforming the lives of the people of Mianwali and the surrounding region. We want to develop a model community that addresses the problems of quality of life, mainly housing, security, health care, education, and employment in Mianwali.
With our pioneer project ‘Aghaaz’ that literally means ‘to start’, our objective is introduce a community living concept that sets a very high standard comparable to quality developments anywhere in the world. Aghaaz is equipped with quality infrastructure including underground electricity, sewer and water supply facilities, storm water drains, and quality road networks. The community is being enriched with a Grand Jamia Mosque, an International standard school and hospital, community club, commercial centers, event Halls, and many green parks for its residents.
Our ambition is to bring quality commercial brands, restaurants, and businesses to our customer’s doorsteps and eliminate the need to travel long distances to enjoy these facilities. Our mission is to create a hotspot for commercial and residential activity that will also help in creating thousands of job opportunities for the local community. We promise to deliver quality to all our stakeholders and bring many more such developments where they are needed the most.
“Beginning of a new lifestyle”


Being a resident of Mianwali, I have witnessed through out my life the hardships faced by our people. Not just the poor but also the fortunate struggle. A land rich with agriculture and a population with good income and savings is devoid of quality of life. Lack of quality of education for children and quality healthcare for the vulnerable puts us at a major disadvantage. We tend to relocate to Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi to give our children better opportunities and reduce our vulnerabilities at the expense of leaving behind our homes, families, and friends.
We are changing this! And this would not have been possible without the support of our talented team at Azam Qamar Developers, the contributions of our stakeholders and investors, and the immense trust of our customers from all over District Mianwali.
Quality education, healthcare, and lifestyle are linked to quality housing, amenities, infrastructure, and opportunities. It’s not just brick and mortar but people that improve communities. Through “Aghaaz Housing project” we can discourage the need for the talented in our community to migrate. Hence the talented doctors, teachers, engineers, and entrepreneurs of our region can serve their community while prospering and living the lifestyle they deserve.

Building the Future

With our pioneer project AGHAAZ’ which literally means ‘to start’, we are proud
to be starting a new destination in district Mianwali that easily matches the
standards of urban lifestyle anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Us

Our Team

Muhammad Asim Khan
Director / Chief Executive Officer

Zarsher Khan

Ameer Hamza Khan

Ahmed Raza
Chief Financial Officer

Muhammad Uozair
Deputy Project Manager

Awais Shaukat
Marketing Manager
M. Zahid Sheikh
Senior Manager Sales
Farman Ullah Khan
Sales Manager
Naveed Iqbal
Resident Engineer

Winning Team

Architects & Consultant

Sales Partners

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