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Despite Pakistan’s unchecked inflation, the country’s real estate market has been growing rapidly in recent years. Despite the unstable environment, Pakistani real estate developers have significantly contributed to the expansion of the country’s real estate market.

Pakistan’s real estate market has grown significantly as a result of the significant rise in the number of developers and their projects over the past few decades.

Everyone can make a lot of money from property investment opportunities, whether they rent, buy, or sell it. Property is a necessity. Over time, Pakistan’s real estate companies have grown significantly, with the best agents on the internet for real estate investing. They currently consist of numerous real estate organizations that offer alternatives to potential buyers.

Mianwali’s Aghaaz housing project is one of Pakistan’s most popular and frequently used investment options because of its high rate of return. A lot of people buy property, especially land, and then leave it for a long time. Over time, real estate appreciates in value. After that, it can be resold for a lot more money.

Azam Qamar Developers’ Aghaaz Housing Project in Mianwali is without a doubt the real estate market’s crowning achievement. In the history of the city, this is the first modern residential development.

In Mianwali, AGHAAZ marks the beginning of an iconic world that includes everything from mosques, schools, hospitals, and parks to shopping malls, restaurants, gymnasiums, sports complexes, and community centers.

In this location, people won’t have to travel far to live, eat, shop, or relax. It’s more than just a housing development; It will assist the neighborhood in the creation of thousands of jobs because it serves as a hub for both residential and commercial activity.

A community with a gate, adequate planning and infrastructure, affordable prices and payment plans, approval from relevant authorities, amenities, and facilities

The success of any real estate project is largely determined by location. Housing projects with a perfect location attract more investment than those with a divided site. The term “ideal location” refers to the housing complex’s proximity to all facilities, such as shopping malls, hospitals, and business centers. Because of its convenient location, Aghaaz Housing Society is a successful housing project in this regard. The project has a remarkable road frontage of four kilometers that immediately connects it to the crucial Piplan Road. This housing society has a great location and a wide range of residential and commercial plot sizes to suit a wide range of investors.

It is on track to become the most advanced suburban residential community in the Mianwali District, promising its residents the following services and amenities:

14 public parks with walking and jogging paths, an 18-kanal international school, an 18-kanal hospital, 150, 75, and 40-foot roads, a well-planned commercial district, a community club, pre-installed utility connections (including gas, water, underground electric supply, telephone, and internet), restaurants and recreation areas, a large banquet hall, Mianwali’s largest Jamia Mosque, and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week security surveillance.


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