Reasons to Invest in Aghaaz Housing Project by AzamQamar Developers

Investing in property brings a fantastic array of opportunities to investors as a source of earning extra income. Investing in property successfully can require careful consideration and planning throughout the full process. As a result, investors must carefully analyse each aspect of a property and the potential it offers before settling on a strategy to implement. 

Each strategy is loaded with their own benefits and disadvantages, meaning it is vital for an investor to choose the correct one for them and their property. To determine the best strategy for a property investors may consider multiple aspects. The size of a property, its location and surroundings and the type of property each impact which strategy an investor will choose. 

In this article we aim to explore what benefits buy to let strategies have to offer in Aghaaz Housing Project.

Monthly Income

A main aim of investing in real estate is the opportunity to earn extra income through your investment. With a buy to let investment, investors gain the potential to make a monthly income on the side through leasing their property to a tenant.

In recent years the attraction of renting a property has experienced growth, potentially increasing market opportunities for investors with buy to let properties as demand grows. A growth in demand is obviously great news for buy to let investors. 


Diversity is important in property investing. There are so many opportunities waiting to be utilised, and it is therefore important that investors hold a property portfolio that focuses on multiple property and strategy types. 

By investing in different property types, locations and strategies investors can equip themselves with a form of protection against failure. Diversifying their property portfolio allows them to continue benefiting from their other investments should an investment begin to fail. 


Property investing can be risky, however, with planning and organisation it can be easier. Many property investments rely on tenants in order for the investment to be considered a success, meaning property investments with void periods are critical to a property investment. 

With a buy to let investment tenancies tend to be on leases which cover months or years at a time, in comparison to serviced accommodation investments which are typically rented out on a night by night basis. This can lower the possibility of buy to let properties experiencing void periods, which allows investors to continue earning their profit. The commitment of tenants to a lease can also provide assurance to an investor, securing their monthly income for a set period of time. 


With the popularity of renting properties potentially increasing, the opportunity for buy to let investments increases. There are many locations around that hold the demand for buy to let properties, meaning the opportunity for investors is fantastic. 

The market of those looking to rent a property is filled with potential tenants each with different needs and desires. Each of these needs and desires is an opportunity for an investor. A market filled with diverse needs allows for investors to attract many potential tenants to their property, relieving some of the pressure of investing. 


Property investing is a great adventure and one that offers great reward for hard work, effort and commitment. Finding the right property investment can be tiresome, however, with a plan, focused mindset and strong network it is completely possible. This will help an investor outline their objectives and determine what will effectively contribute to meeting these. 

Buy to let investments are a fantastic addition to a property portfolio, offering many great benefits. This style of investment can secure an investor a set monthly income for a period of time, allowing them to envision and plan around this. This type of investment is one that can provide a sense of security to investors. 

This can be a great addition to a property portfolio for both new and experienced investors as this type of investment can appeal to a range of markets. The popularity of these can ease the process and lessen the pressure in comparison to other types of investments. 

Void periods are a common fear in property investing as an empty property doesn’t earn money. Buy to let properties work on a monthly or yearly rental basis, meaning the risk of void periods is slightly lower, making this an attractive style of investment for many investors. 

Buy to let investing is particularly popular due to the availability of properties that can utilise the strategy. Each property has its own offerings, ones which will each appeal to different markets, making this type of strategy a great choice for investors. 


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